Sarcosi FP7 Marie Curie IRSES
Medical Faculty Mannheim, University of Heidelberg

Team Data

Dr. Olga Mayans
School of Biological Sciences
Biosciences Building (BSB) Crown Street
University of Liverpool, Liverpool L69 7ZB, U.K.

Aditional Information

Dr. Olga Mayans is a leading scientist in the structural biology of myofibrillar proteins. Her group is located at the newly established Centre for Structural Biology at the Institute of Integrative Biology (IIB) of UoLiverpool where she has state-of-the-art facilities for protein production and related technical platforms –relevant to this project are: proteomics (with MALDI-TOF and Q-STAR mass spectrometers), electron microscopy, micro-ITC and protein biophysics, a high-end X-ray diffraction system (namely, a Rigaku FRE+ Superbright X-ray source with split-beam serving X-ray crystallography and SAXS applications), EPR and NMR (including 800 MHz and 600 MHz solution-state spectrometers equipped with cryogenic probeheads, and a 400 MHz solid-state spectrometer). Dr. Mayans contributes to SarcoSi her expertise to unravel the structural basis of titin filament functions at atomic resolution.